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Hi, I'm Natalia. The founder and owner of Axus Hint.
X-cite ride .. It’s the name of my windsurfing board of JP. I love it! When I do something, I’m totally engaged and really excited!

I have more than 15 years of business experience, with many things done, lost and won in my career and private life. I always knew it would be my path to stay business consultant, coach and trainer, and I was hungry to gain more and more experience to be ready for this role.

I remember Christopher in 2008, the owner of the small company, totally confused with his business activities… He asked me if we could talk. We met in a nice cafe in Sopot. I was working as a business trainer and business development manager for a great educational publishing company at that time.

After this meeting so much changed! Chistopher’s wife later expressed her gratitude for the meeting.

Why? Because Chris finally had a plan how to develop his business. He knew what he wanted to be focused on. He was so excited, and he had so many ideas. He felt like reborn.

So who am I? I am a certified life and career coach.

So who am I? I am a certified life and career coach. I support managers with their hard daily challenges. I graduated Technical University of Gdansk, Management of EU Projects at West Pomeranian Business School, MBA at University of Gdańsk. I was certified as Project Manager (PMI), Auditor (PCBC), Career Advisor (WSNS) and Coach (ICiM). I was working as a person responsible for business development and sales from 2004.

I have experience in working and implementing ISO procedures. I have run my own business from 2006. I have been a trainer and advisor in many programs for people planning and starting businesses. I read and analyzed hundreds of business plans.

I have great experience in communication with IT experts, as I have worked in an IT environment from 2006. I took part as an observer in hundreds of interviews of project managers, developers, analysts, testers, etc.

I have a great bond with the sales department as we are speaking the same language. I understand managers and owners of companies as we have similar problems and challenges. I can put myself in the shoes of mothers, partners and others. This is because I’m a woman myself and a mother of two wonderful children.

So, if you:
  • would like to develop yourself or your business
  • would like to be a better specialist or manager
  • would like to plan or manage your career
  • just want to be better or improve, learn something,
  • have a challenge with any private decision
  • would like to recruit a great team or talented specialist
Let me know. We can work together. Quit wasting time, sign up now!