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Business consultancy

Axus Hint operates in different areas in collaboration with experienced professionals, mainly in the field of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business analysis
  • Business development
  • Establishing new branch
  • Recruitment of new team
  • Customer service improvement

Honestly, our customers have always the same goal - they gain to build profitable organization so they have a will to make self assessment and do not afraid of changes which take them to the higher level.


Coaching for specialists and managers

Managers and specialists have challenges every day. They have to establish goals, maintain or enhance productivity of their team, take care of everyone’s performance... They have to proof excellence in branch area, like finance, software development or quality management. They develop their soft skills, like relationship or time management as well. There is no better option than tools in hand of certified coach to develop emotional intelligence and other areas.


Business trainings

Dedicated trainings connected with establishing new business, building strategy, gaining new customers, customer service and soft skills are most common within SMEs and start ups environment. Only these companies who invest in their staff have a chance to be top employers and do not have any problems with recruitment talented workers and building engaged teams.


Career coaching

It’s said that most of us will have to change profession few times during our lives. And choosing the most suitable career path is the next challenge we all have to face. Coach operates with variety of tools which guide you in gaining knowledge about yourself. Take part in session with professional coach who support you in pointing these options which are the most suitable ones to ensure your satisfaction from your professional choice.


Recruitment services

Nowdays companies compete for best employees trying to attract them by different benefits and nice offices. And in most cases it works. But how to create interest with talented candidates who are motivated and open for new challenges in your organization? How should you present your job offer and organize recruitment process? If you prefer to entrust chasing top talents to experienced head hunter, call us now. If we don’t pick up the phone it means we have the next very interesting interview with someone special.


Life coaching

Change or not to change..? Or what should I change..? Which way should I chose and when..? All of us have so many questions pending for the answer and decisions to be taken. Coach is professional who supports you in defining your goals and priorities. You are the only one who can make the best decisions for yourself. You just need a guide or the master who will help you to succeed.